So you won’t miss a single moment

A disposable camera on each table will let your guests snap all those lovely, candid moments you might have missed. It’s a fun idea and they can even be customised with the Happy Couple’s names.



Unplugged Weddings are the best way to stay in control of your special day…

Disposable Camera Company introduced Wedding Cameras to the Australian market 22 years ago and are the only company in Australasia customising and personalising cameras for the wedding industry.

Choose from our range of fresh modern designs for your Wedding, Celebration or Party. We have the largest range in Australasia with all designs created and styled right here in Australia.

Accept only the “Best” for you Wedding Day!

Your memories are too important to take the risk of buying cheaper low quality cameras that often have inferior film, recycled batteries and very short use-by dates.

Our Cameras are NEW body cameras (not recycled bodies) pre-loaded with genuine Fuji 400 ISO 27 exposure film. The built in flash allows you to take fantastic indoor and outdoor photographs, meaning you won’t miss a single moment of your special day.

We have been part of the Australian bridal market for over 18 years with cameras designed by us and made especially for our Australian customers. All our cameras have a special “Cash Back Guarantee” and a genuine two year shelf life for your peace of mind.

Unplugged Weddings – Will they see your wedding photos on Facebook before you’re even married!!!

It sounds extreme but with the likelihood of every guest carrying a phone camera there’s a very real possibility you’ll be seen on Facebook before you’ve even said “I do”.

Unfortunately they may not be the most flattering shots either, even if your friends are well-meaning and just want to share your day with everyone.
After all being able to choose and post the most flattering photos on Facebook is why the happy couple engage a skilled professional photographer.

Guests taking control of a wedding’s social media might be a new trend but it’s taking hold quickly and there’s every chance it may happen at your wedding too. The idea is to think ahead before your big day and put plans into place for your guests to enjoy the day without being plugged into their phones and cameras and posting those photos themselves.

How to escape those unwanted photos.

“Unplugged Weddings” are the newest way to stay in control of your special day so you publish the photos you want to be seen, and your professional photographer has the freedom to create beautiful photos of you on your special day without having to compete with your guests to get that great shot.

Start at the beginning.

When you first send out your invites add an “Unplugged Wedding” request card as part of your invitation. For instance: “The Happy Couple request that our guests turn off their phones & keep their cameras off until after the ceremony. Wedding cameras will be available at the reception for candid shots”.

The Ceremony.

Ask a family member, friend or your officiant to remind guests to turn off their phones and keep their cameras off until the ceremony is over.

The Reception.

Again, the MC can make the verbal request that phone-cameras aren’t used to upload photos to the internet. And that there are also wedding cameras supplied on each table for the guests to use for candid photos.

The Disposable Camera Company also provides a special “Unplugged Wedding” version of their usual table cards to go with each camera so guests are politely reminded of the happy couple’s wishes.

Our cameras

Our Pre-Paid Developing

When you’re ready to develop your photos you have the option of prints or CD’s. Keepsake your prints in albums or have your photos digitally saved so you can send copies to all your guests or post your pictures on the web.

Start now

Our developing is processed to the highest standard by our quality partner company, who we have been working with for over 15 years. With our pre-paid coupons you have a choice of:

  • $10.90 per camera for one set of Gloss or Matt Prints
  • $10.90 per camera for your Photos on CD
  • $16.90 per camera for one set of Gloss or Matt Prints and your Photos on CD.

Our prices are often less than half of what your local developer will charge you and it’s a quick and easy postal service.

Our developer requires return postage so try to send all your cameras at the same time. 

Our Cameras can also be developed by any photo finisher.

Event & Party Cameras

We have Party Disposable Cameras for birthday parties, functions, events, anniversaries, christenings, school trips, celebrations and many more…

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Our All Occasions, Lets Celebrate and Party cameras have been especially designed by us and are pre-loaded with 27 exposure 400 ISO genuine Fuji film and have an inbuilt flash for indoor and night time shots. We use quality new batteries so that your flash works perfectly right to the last shot.

The Party range can be personalised with the Birthday Girl or Boy’s name and age. Each camera comes with a matching personalised table card inviting your guests to be unofficial photographers and explains how to use the cameras and how to point and shoot.

At every table your family and friends will be celebrating your special occasion – don’t risk missing one single smile, hug or silly look. Each Camera belongs to you making sure those candid shots won’t go home on your friends’ cameras or phones.

Comments from Our Customers

“They were great! They were able to provide everything for us last minute and were so easy to deal with. Even though we had a professional photographer and a photo booth we still found that the disposable cameras were such a great hit and captured all of those candid moments. Some of the photos are hilarious!” Jessica

We receieved our cameras yesterday and I have to say they are awesome. They are so lovely and I cannot wait to have people use them at our wedding – Lisa
I have just received my cameras and just wanted to say a big thank you for your prompt service – THEY LOOK FANTASTIC!! – Simone
So happy with the photos, we got some fab shots of everyone doing the rumba and of our friends in their Retro outfits – Donna

Once again thanks so much. you have made it very easy for me to order and get delivered. Exactly what I needed with all the other organising I have had to do. So once again thank you so much it has been great. – Victoria

Just wanted to let you know what great photos we got, our guests did a really great job as photographers, I was impressed! – Dylan

Thank you for being so prompt and helpful. Your communication is excellent, no waitng for a reply considering you are 15 hours ahead of us here in Canada. We have 2 more kids so you will probably be hearing from us again. – Scott

When I placed my order, I found you so helpful with such great customer service, I would love for my friend to have the same experience – hence why I’m asking if she deal with you directly? – Vienna

We had so much fun with the cameras and the photos are fantastic, the kids got some great shots that I wasn’t expecting! – Rachel

I just wanted to say that our camera’s arrived today and they are fantastic! They fit our colour scheme perfectly and will look so good on our wedding tables. The packaging is great and the delivery time super speedy. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs Disposable Cameras for their special occasion. – Phoebe

I’ve just received the cameras. They look fantastic and the information card is brilliant! – Trinity

I think your customer service has always been well above and beyond other suppliers I have dealt with. – Steven

Loved the cameras at our engagement party, will use them again at our wedding. – Alice

Thank you so much for the fantastic service, now I have one less thing to worry about. – Kirsty